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The Benefits Of Renting Luxurious Bucharest Apartments

You probably heard some good things about the great capital of Romania, Bucharest. No matter the reason you are having to visit Bucharest, we are sure that you will spend a wonderful time were.

While you are sure about your holiday destination, choosing your holiday accommodation can be a daunting task and Luxapartments is here to help. Although Bucharest has a wide range of accommodation facilities to choose from, including some up-scale hotels, Bucharest apartments for short term rent are tourist's most favorite accommodation for good reasons.

The location of the accommodation is the number one consideration for all visitors. You don't want to drive for hours to your apartment and you definitely want to be on the safe side of the city. All our Bucharest apartments are centrally located, near all the important art galleries, museums, best clubs, cafes and restaurants that the city has to offer, allowing you to make the most of your stay in this wonderful city.

Bucharest apartments for rent short term are the most convenient, money wise! All our luxury apartments for rent in Bucharest are way under the price range of any 4 or 5 stars Bucharest hotels but you can expect top of the line services. Whether you are considering our Bucharest apartments for rent short term or for a longer vacation, you'll find them as the best accommodation, allowing you to truly immerse in Bucharest's vibrant city life.

When it comes to the space, we have just one question! What would you prefer, a 70-100sq meter apartment or a 25sq. meter hotel room? Well, it goes without saying, the large apartment is more suitable, no matter if you are travelling alone or with your family. In our luxurious Bucharest apartments for rent short term, space is no issue. Every room is set up by professional designers, so you can feel cosy in this home away from home.

The flats have large living rooms with stereo systems, DVD players and flat screen TVs. They come fully equipped with modern, top of the line equipment, such as a refrigerator, microwave, toaster and washing machine, so our guests feel right at home. Plus, each of our luxury Bucharest apartments is fitted with an air conditioning system.

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Whether you’re planning a short business trip or a long term vacation away from your home town, you’ll get all the comfort you need with our Bucharest holiday apartments. At Lux Apartments we pride ourselves in providing the most luxurious rentals Bucharest has to offer. You even might end up calling it home.

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