Moving to a new city and starting a whole new life is a stressful situation for anyone. Young people who come to Bucharest for admission or those who are just starting studying in Bucharest have to deal with many new situations, including the necessity of finding short term rental in Bucharest. If you find yourself in this exact situation or know someone who is, here is an accommodation guide for students in Bucharest.

Why Opt For Short Term Rental In Bucharest 

Short term rental in Bucharest comes with many advantages both for those who are looking for a place to stay during admissions exams and those who need a place to stay before they find something else.

First of all, great location. All our studios and apartments are located downtown, close to the most important universities in the city. Plus, they are all situated really close to all means of public transport.

If you’ve just moved here, chances are you don’t know that many people from Bucharest who could host you for a while. Staying at a hotel is not only expensive, but also extremely impersonal and staying at a hostel doesn’t offer you all the quiet you need during exams. So in this case opting for a Bucharest apartment short term really sounds like the best idea. Plus, a short term rental in Bucharest guarantees that you will have all the personal space, privacy and comfort you need in a stressful time like that, either if it’s for studying or resting.

A short term rental in Bucharest doesn’t force you to make a reservation for more than two days. So you can stay just as long as you actually need it, no matter if it’s for a couple of days or a few months.

Amenities and utilities. Not only are our apartments tastefully decorated and impeccably clean, but they are also completely equipped. This means that you can make your own coffee or cook during your stay here, which is yet another reason to choose short term rental in Bucharest over hotels.

Accommodation Options For Students In Bucharest

1.      Student Campus

This is the cheapest accommodation option for students, but unfortunately there are many disadvantages too. Staying in a student dorm might be an interesting experience and a great way to meet new people in Romania, but you should know that the conditions are not that great in most Bucharest student dorms. You need to take into account the lack of space and privacy and also shared bathrooms and bugs.

2.      Residency Halls

Private dorms offer better conditions than student campuses, but they are also more expensive. Here are some of the top private student halls in Bucharest: West Gate Studios, Arcca Vitan, Arcca Pajura, Campus Est. Still, renting a room in an apartment will cost you approximately the same but you will not have to share your room with anyone.  

3.      Lodging

Sharing an apartment or a house with the owner (especially an older person) is not something we would recommend. You will have your own room but will not enjoy the freedom and privacy young people need.

4.      Rent a studio or an apartment

Many students who want to live downtown choose to share flats with friends or colleagues. It is cheaper than renting a flat on your own and also a more fun experience. This means that each student will have his private room, while the living room, the kitchen and the toilettes are shared with the flat mate(s). Renting a room will cost you between 100 euro and 200 euro depending on the location and the quality of the apartment itself.

Accommodation in Bucharest – Other Tips

As an expat you have many options in terms of housing in Bucharest. And you can use short term rental in Bucharest as an opportunity to find the best accommodation option for you.

You can easily find furnished apartments with parking spaces, building security and other facilities as long as your budget allows it. Living in the city center doesn’t only mean living in the most beautiful area of the town, but also an area full of coffee shops, parks, museums and clubs. Still, accommodation outside the Bucharest city center is cheaper and varies depending on many factors such as proximity to public transport, parks or shopping malls. As a rule, prices are higher between August and October because that is when all students come back from vacation. So if you want to find affordable and well-located in Bucharest, try to avoid this specific period.

Bucharest is the most expensive city in Romania in terms of renting accommodation, but at the same time it is much more affordable than other European cities. So as a student, you will definitely enjoy living in Bucharest.

We like to think that we offer the best short term rental in Bucharest and that’s why we are available for you 24/7. If you have questions about your accommodation, need some recommendations for the best spots in Bucharest or need someone to pick you up at the airport, don’t hesitate to tell us!