Otopeni International is the largest Bucharest airport. Sometimes referred to by it’s new name as Henri Coanda International airport it’s likely to be your point of arrival coming in on international flights to Bucharest. When you arrive you’ll be 16.5 km north of Bucharest’s city centre in, that’s right, Otopeni.

Henri Coanda is an old airport. It’s been around since World War 2. But the main terminals have all been updated. Romania is not a super wealthy country, but fear not, the airport is a good one. It’s easy to navigate, clean, not too big, and well connected to the city centre.

How To Get Into The City

Transport to and from the Henri Coanda airport is easy, with lots of affordable options.

Get A Ride!

If you’re staying with Lux Apartments we offer a car pickup service to and from the Henri Coanda Airport for a reasonable fee. Just let us know when you make your reservation and we’ll be happy to pick you up.

Take the Train

Trains to and from the airport connect passengers to the city centre via Bucharest North Railway station which then connects you to the city’s extensive public transport system. You can reach the airport train station (the CFR “Airport Stop”)via shuttle buses departing from the arrivals terminal. Price per trip is 6,8 lei.

Take the Bus

Take the 780 airport express bus line to and from the Bucharest airport and the Gara de Nord (Bucharest’s main train station). It runs 24 hours. At night it runs only every 40 minutes but in the day it’s more frequent. Price per trip is 3,5 lei.


Taxis are located at the exit of the arrivals terminal on the first floor. Depending on your destination the price per trip will be between 20-60 lei. (5-14 Euros).

Rent A Car

Avis, Autonom, Boca, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt all have rental car agencies at the Bucharest airport. My advice – book ahead, and book online. Use a service like Priceline that allows you to compare prices across companies. No single one of these companies is cheaper than the next. It’ll change day to day, even hour to hour, who has the best deal for your rental period on your day of arrival.

Layovers and Bucharest Airport Hotels

Passengers with layover flights to Bucharest might consider staying at a Bucharest Airport hotel. There are five to choose from, each with the kind of prices you’d expect (not super cheap unless you get an online deal, but deals are available). Each of the five Bucharest airport hotels offers a free shuttle to and from the terminal. In my opinion unless you are really getting in late and taking off early it’s worth it to come into the city. With all the transportation options listed above and some seriously good deals on Bucharest apartments in the city centre, not to mention the nightlife this town is known for, you won’t regret it. Even just for one night it’s always worth it to go soak up the vibe of a city like Bucharest.