At we aim to make your Bucharest travel experience one you won’t forget. Beyond offering the best apartments in town, we hope this Bucharest guide will help introduce you to some of the best this city has to offer. Nightlife, weekend getaways into the mountains, restaurants, and sightseeing – There are options for everyone in this great city. offers numerous options for accommodation in Bucharest, one of Eastern Europe's oldest and most beautiful cities. Come experience a modern city with a long tradition. Roma culture, often mythologized, has its roots in this wonderful country. Gypsy music, with its fiddles, guitars, and accordions, is enjoyed all over the world. It’s common to come across a Gypsy band in one of the many beautiful squares in Bucharest.  Be prepared to be swept away by the boisterous dancing that’s bound to break out if you are lucky enough to come across one of these impromptu concerts. The Roma peoples’ culture is deeply rooted in Romania’s history. A trip to Bucharest is the best way to come in contact with this lively tradition.

Romania’s historical vibrancy doesn’t end there. The legend of Count Dracula also has its roots in Romania. Bram Stoker's unforgettable character is based on Vlad the Impaler, whose palace is reachable by car or train just a few miles outside of Bucharest. Vlad is infamous in Romanian history and around the world for being one of the most ruthless rulers in the land. He was feared by the Ottoman Turks, the Germans, and indeed by his own people. The fascination for this malevolent character remains strong, as visitors to Romania flock to they mysterious, gothic feeling of the castle where he once lurked. The history buff will find so much to do and experience in the Bucharest area.

Our Bucharest travel guide is filled with fantastic activities for any kind of traveler. There are options for young and old, historian and adventure seeker. For example, a daytrip within just a 5 km drive from Bucharest to beautiful Mogosoaia, home to a 17th century Brancovenesc palace is an excellent idea. This gorgeous village is ideal for a serene, quiet day in a breathtaking landscape. Bringing the kids or grandparents to this beautiful location is no problem. Couples will also find a romantic getaway in this mountain escape.

Throughout Romanian history there has been a rich and diverse crossing of many cultures and peoples. Empires have risen and passed through this landscape and left behind a people and architecture that blends many different ways of life. From The Romans to the Ottomans to the more recent Soviet influence, Romania has seen its fair share of outside influence. The strategic position of Romania on the Black Sea is the principal reason for this history, as well as its position on the major trade routes over land between Asia and Europe. The region that has come to be known as Romania in the era of the nation state has been an important one geographically for many millennia. You can visit the Black Sea side, a short trip from Bucharest to bask in its beauty and better grasp its importance. The Roman, Ottoman and Soviet influences on architecture that are still present in Bucharest create a fantastic cross-section of beautiful styles.

Whatever type of adventure you are up for, Bucharest travel will most certainly offer a taste of what you hoped for and what you didn’t expect.