From the best accommodation in downtown apartments for rent, transportation, best places to eat, places to spend a night out or must-see tourist attractions in the capital city of Romania, here is a useful guide for Bucharest business travelers!

Accommodation is the most important thing if you’re here on business because this is where you are going to spend a lot of your time. You need to feel comfortable, just like home, especially if you’re staying in Bucharest for a longer period of time. You should be able to feel like home even when you’re far away from home and that’s what luxury apartments for rent in Bucharest are for. They offer all the comfort, space and intimacy you look for in a home and also a lot of utilities, amenities and special services that are meant to make you stay here the best possible. A hotel room will never feel like home, no matter how luxurious it is.

Why Choose Downtown Apartments For Rent

Studio apartments for rent are the best option for those who travel alone, while 2-room or 3-room downtown apartments for rent are the better choice for couples travelling here or families with children.

Apartments for rent are the most convenient accommodation option in Bucharest for a number of reasons. Even if you come here on business, you need to think about where you are going to spend most of your free time. Most of the best restaurants, cafes and clubs in Bucharest are near the city center and so are the main tourist attractions. This is the first and most important reason why downtown apartments for rent seem like the best choice.

For example, if you feel like blowing off some steam after work, you’re probably going to head to the Old Town. There are a lot of clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants in the Old City, so you can easily spend a fun night out here. Unirii Square apartments for rent are just minutes away from the Old Town, so you can easily walk back to our downtown apartments for rent. This means that you won’t even need a taxi to go home from Lipscani, which is great because you’ve probably heard about dishonest Romanian taxi drivers who try to take advantage of foreigners.

Still, if you do need a taxi, then you should either try Uber or a reliable taxi company. All you need to do is install an app on your smartphone (Meridian Taxi, Speed Taxi, Clever Taxi) and select drivers with standard fees (1.39 RON/km or 1.4 RON/km). They are obliged to apply the standard fees and this way you can easily avoid scam taxi drivers.

Where To Go

But even if you’re looking for more quiet places where you can relax and have a conversation, you should know that some of the most beautiful gardens and terraces in Bucharest are also close to downtown apartments for rent. Eden Garden, Verona Garden, OAR Garden or Shift Terrace are just a few examples and they are all downtown.

Business travelers in Bucharest will probably want to experience traditional Romanian food as well, so here are some restaurants with amazing food that you should try: Zexe Zahana, Crama Domneasca, Lacrimi si Sfinti, Caru’ cu Bere or Casa Jienilor will not disappoint you. But Bucharest has plenty of options for those who are looking for vegan food or international food as well.

Location is very important for business travelers and that’s why downtown apartments for rent are so great: you can easily get to any other part of the town from the city center, both by car and public transport. Even if you’re going to work in Pipera (north of Bucharest), you’re probably not going to enjoy spending your free time there. The most beautiful spots in Bucharest are near the city center, which means that the areas you should focus on are Unirii Square, Universitatii Square, Victoriei Square and Romana Square, where you will also find some of the best downtown apartments for rent. Most museums and historical buildings in Bucharest can also be found in these parts of the city. The Palace of Parliament, Grigore Antipa National Musem of National History or the Cismigiu Gardens are just a few examples.

Just because you are a business traveler in Bucharest, it doesn’t mean that you should visit some beautiful places outside Bucharest as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Peles Castle in Sinaia and the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni. Going there by car is the easiest way but you can also get there by train as they are both close to Bucharest. This means that you can visit both of them in the same day and you won’t even need to look for accommodation there.


As you can see, Bucharest has plenty to offer to business travelers and it’s a really entertaining city even for those who are not here on vacation. Our downtown apartments for rent are at your disposal for as short as two days or as long as a few months and you can be sure that you are going to enjoy your time here!