Short term rental Bucharest is a great option for anyone who needs a break but also for those who need time to find a flat to rent for the longer term.

Apartments for short term rent provide more space, cheaper rates and also a wider range of alternatives.

Short term apartment rentals have become the most popular accommodation option worldwide because they offer travelers much more advantages than large, impersonal hotels. One of the things that makes short term rental Bucharest more appealing than hotels is the degree of personal freedom one can enjoy in these apartments. Apartments for rent are usually roomier than hotel rooms and come with fully-equipped kitchens, common areas to gather in and also laundry facilities. So it’s safe to say that this type of short term rental is especially cost-effective for groups like two couples traveling together but they are also a huge benefit for families. For example, if you are the parent of younger children, you can hang out and enjoy a nice conversation with your partner while your kids sleep, as opposed to staying in a hotel room and having no quality time for yourself.

You can use the kitchen facilities to cook for yourself and save up a lot of money that you can later use for nice dinners out. You don’t need to go out to eat breakfast or drink a coffee first thing in the morning. And you can even use our laundry and ironing service for a small fee if you really want to enjoy your time here.

Short term apartment rentals also offer unsurpassed privacy, larger quarters, a better selection of locations and also more flexibility in planning.

The cost of short term rental Bucharest is yet another reason to choose it instead of hotels. A 2 room apartment is considerably cheaper than a standard double room in a decent hotel, especially one that is located in the heart of the city. Apartments for short term rent are usually located in the most convenient areas of the town, very close to all means of public transportation and main tourist attractions, so finding an apartment in Unirii Square, Universitatii Square or near Calea Victoriei will not be a problem.

Convenient, cozy, located in the best parts of the town, private, spacious and fully equipped – no wonder short term rental Bucharest is an ever-growing trend. If you want to rent apartment in Bucharest short term, it’s important to know that there is a required 2-day minimum stay. But the longer you will stay, the better deals you will get. And if you are worried that apartment owners and managers don’t usually offer much assistance once you get installed, let us tell you that things are very different with us.

Not only will your apartment be cleaned once every 3 days for the duration of your stay, but we also offer 24 hours customer support for any special needs and requests you may have. Plus, we can arrange your airport transportation if needed and also offer laundry service for a small fee. The reason why we make all these services available is because we want you to have a great time in Bucharest and we hope we’re doing a great job at it!