Even though summer is over, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of interesting events in Bucharest this fall! Here are the top 10 concerts and festivals of this fall. And as always, our short term room rental is at your disposal!

From music to movies and dance festivals, there’s something for every taste in the capital city of Romania. The diversity of these events proves once again that Bucharest is a fun city in any season, not just summer. Our apartments for rent in Bucharest short term are close to most of these venues, which is one of the many advantages of short term room rental. Our Bucharest apartments for rent short term are downtown, which means it is extremely easy to get anywhere else in the city from there. 

1.       Balkanik Festival, 9-11 September, @Gradina Uranus

This is one of the most sought-after festivals in Bucharest because it is so much fun. Romanians are party people by definition and this festival is the perfect place to feel the vibrant energy of this city and its people. Besides the talented artists that are performing this year (Taraf de Haidouks, Kocani Orkestar, Omar Souleyman, Bollywood Masale Orchestra or Orange Blossom to name a few), Balkanik Festival also offers many other activities and unconventional lounge areas.

This area is not normally considered one of the best in Bucharest, so we wouldn’t recommend booking your short term room rental really close to the venue.

2.       Baro Foro Festival, 30 September, @Arenele Romane

Goran Bregovic has many fans in Romania and this year he will be returning to Romania with Wedding and Funeral Orchestra. Expect a great show, as always!

3.       Street Food Festival, 9-11 September, @Romexpo

Romanian people love to dance, but they also love to eat. Go to Street Food Festival if you want to taste some of the most delicious street foods for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. Burgers, hot-dogs, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, grills, barbeques, pancakes, ice cream, craft beer, wines, coffee: nothing will be missing from this celebration of food!

Romexpo is north of Bucharest, but we wouldn’t recommend a short term room rental in this area when it’s so easy to get here from the city center.

4.       Full Moon Festival, 16-17 September, @Arenele Romane

The famous American singer and songwriter LP (Laura Pergolizzi) who is internationally known for her single “Lost on you” will perform for the first time in Romania at the Full Moon Live Festival, in Bucharest. Israeli folk-rock singer Asaf Avidan will also perform in the festival and so will Romanian bands Moonlight Breakfast, Yellow and Imagination Orchestra and Romanian singer Lucia. The two-day tickets cost about 40 Euros.

5.       Bucharest Jazz Festival, 19-25 September, @George Enescu Square and Gabroveni Inn

Jazz music has a solid fanbase in Bucharest and the fact that Bucharest Jazz Festival has already reached its fifth edition proves it. If you want to listen to American contemporary jazz, modern soul and world music fusion, this is the place to be. Some of the artists that will be performing this year are Lisa Simone, The Kenny Werner Trio and Trilok Gurtu.

If you want to attend this event, then you should know that some of our short term room rental options are right on Calea Victoriei, which is just a few steps away from George Enescu Square.          

6.       The Cat Empire, 23 October, @Arenele Romane

The Australian ska & jazz band is coming back to Bucharest for a show where they will be promoting their new album, “Rising with the Sun”.

7.       Pelicula – Latin America Film & Experience, 14-18 September, @Elvira Popescu Cinema, French Institute, Cervantes Institute and POINT

This is the first edition of the Pelicula festival and it already sounds like a must-go event in Bucharest. All the movies in the festival will be either produced in Latin America or about it, but the festival includes food, music, dance and workshops as well to transform itself in a real Latin American experience.

Recommended short term room rental: near Universitate or near Romana.

8.       Anim’est, 7-16 October

And since we’re on the subject of movies, another must-attend event of this fall is Anim’est, one of the most beloved festivals in Bucharest. The Anim’est International Animation Film Festival is one of the most important animation film festivals in Europe and this year will be its 11th edition. This extremely popular festival promotes animation films and also creates a platform for young animators. You can also attend workshops, concerts, presentations and other events during the festival.

9.       George Enescu International Competition, 3-25 September, @Romanian Athenaeum & @National University of Music Bucharest

This is another prestigious event in Bucharest that focuses on offering a platform for talented young artists who compete across four disciplines: violin, cello, piano and composition. Internationally acclaimed musicians and former winners of the competition are also invited to play, so classical music fans should not miss out this event.

Most recommended area for short term room rental: near Victory Avenue.

10  Artmania Bucharest Blast, 3 September, @Arenele Romane

Last, but not least, something for rock music lovers! The first edition of ARTmania Bucharest Blast brings symphonic, progressive and math rock in the city. This year’s special guests are Within Temptation, Agent Fresco, Mutiny on the Bounty and Sinoptik.

As you’ve probably noticed, many of these events take place at the same venue, Arenele Romane (The Roman Arenas). So if you are thinking what part of the town you should get your short term room rental in, then we would recommend you our apartments near Unirii Squre.


So you see, it’s impossible to get bored in Bucharest this fall! Check out our recommendations and make sure you book your short term room rental in time!