Bucharest is a well connected city where it’s easy to get from one neighbourhood to the next via metro, tram, and bus. You can also connect to the airport, the countryside and surrounding towns as well as abroad via the main train station at Bucharest North train station (Gara de Nord). Not everything works smoothly and efficiently in Romania, but thankfully the public transportation system is excellent.

Bucharest Metro

Bucharest Metro Map

Bucharest has the largest public transportation system in Romania. It includes the Bucharest Metro – Six train lines form an underground network that connects everything from the suburbs and airport to the city centre. The Bucharest Metro is actually quite a new system, albeit with an odd history. The first plans were drafted as early as the 1930's, but World War II and the post war political upheaval caused these plans to be put on hold until the first line was finally laid in 1979.

All of our Bucharest apartments are located no more than 5 minutes from centrally located metro stations – the majority are within a short walk of Piata Unirii station on the M1 and M2 Lines which is a central hub, providing transport options all over the city.

Bus, Tram, & Light Rail Train

Buses, trolleys and light rail trains connect the parts of the city that aren’t accessible directly by metro. These are all surprisingly efficient. Enough so that it’s unlikely that you’ll wish you had a car in Bucharest – one look at the downtown traffic and you’ll see why! Every metro station has connections to bus or tram lines that do a good job of filling in the gaps between stations. From our apartments for rent Bucharest the public commutes are short and easy to any part of the city.  Check out Transport Bucharest’s full system map and info here.


Yeah, boat! While Bucharest has not traditionally been a port city, the construction of a canal connecting the city to the mighty Danube gives boaters new access to the waterway and even out to the Black Sea.  It’s not the most popular form of transportation – this isn’t Venice after all, but it’s pretty cool to travel the canals and river, or around the numerous park lakes by boat.

Getting Out of the City

There are many easy ways to travel to other major Eastern European centers or to the beautiful Romanian countryside from Bucharest. If you do want a car there are numerous car rental options that are easy to get to from our Bucharest apartments – and car rental is pretty cheap in Romania. Romania also has a great highway infrastructure, making it a refreshing change to some of the surrounding tourist destinations. 

There is also regular, cheap and easy train transportation to the surrounding areas. Check out the CFR (Romania’s national rail company) for the train schedules and fares.

Our Bucharest apartment rentals offer easy access to this awesome transportation system, connecting you to Romania’s must-sees, near and far. Feel free to ask us anything about the finer points of the public transportation system. Have an awesome trip!